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Hello, and welcome to Christian Fashion Bloggers Network! This website was started to compile a list of all the modest (Christian) fashion bloggers! I originally started a small blog roll on my blog However, I felt a need for a list of specifically Christian fashion bloggers. There are plenty of other blog rolls for other religions, but no Christian fashion bloggers website! Well thats about to change! Here you can find a list of Christian fashion bloggers all over the world!

If you're a Christian fashion blogger, please consider submitting your blog for review! If we review your blog, and find its content appropriate for all ages, you will be added to our listings!

Due to the number of responses I've received, I'm no longer accepting Christian bloggers. This site will now be exclusively for Christian FASHION bloggers. Sorry!

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Christian Fashion Bloggers Manager,

Natasha Atkerson

Author and manager of A  Modest Fashion Blog:What I Wear, What I Do And Why I Did It